Announcement about our International Students Registered with Incomplete Documents (IMPORTANT)

During the registration of our international students enrolled in the programs of our faculty, the registrations of those with incomplete certificates were made as "Conditional Registration". Students enrolled in this way are required to send the following documents in person or by post to the student affairs unit of our faculty where they are enrolled until the spring semester course registration week of the 2021-2022 Academic Year (before February 14, 2022). Students who do not complete their documents will not be eligible for student rights.  It is of great importance that all international students with incomplete certificates sign the "INTERNATIONAL STUDENT DOCUMENT CONTROL FORM" by contacting their academic advisors and the student affairs unit of our faculty and completing their missing documents.
1- Original and approved Turkish translation of the diploma
2- Original and Turkish Translation of Transcript Document
3- Original diploma equivalence certificate
4- Photocopy of residence documents, if any
5- Copy of passport
6- Turkish proficiency certificate

Faculty student unit contact information: