Common Compulsory courses-About final exams (IMPORTANT)

To the attention of our students who take our common compulsory courses,

The final exams of the common compulsory courses will be held online via the e-course system on 15-16 January 2022 in the following time intervals. You must enter the exam by clicking on the red button (CLICK TO ENTER THE EXAM) on the home screen of the e-course ( page. Clicking this button will give you direct access to the exams you are responsible for. You can use your existing usernames and passwords. If our students who are exempt from certain courses (if they appear to be exempt in UBYS) take an exam on the exam page regarding the course in which they are exempt, they are not responsible for that course or courses.
You will only have the right to see each question once during the exam. So you'll never see the question you're viewing again and you won't be able to go back to the questions. So mark each question when the question is on the screen and proceed to the other question.

In addition, after starting the exam, your test may be terminated if any unusual actions (opening browsers, opening new tabs, pressing the back key on the page, etc.) are detected. Therefore, complete your exam using only the buttons in the question panel.