Make-up Exam Grade Upgrade and Single Course Exam Announcement

Students who will take the make-up exam to be carried out in the fall semester of the 2021-2022 academic year in order to raise a grade and who want to participate in the Undergraduate Single Course Exam must submit the applications to the e-mail address in person or with wet signature.
In this context; 
Applications of students who will take the Make-up Exams to be held between 1-25 January and 01 February 2022 with the aim of "raising the grade" will be made by the petition they will send to the e-mail addresses of the between 20-24 January 2022 (Annex-1 FRM-0095 Request Form for The Purpose of Raising Grades).
Applications of the students who will take the "Associate/Undergraduate Single Course Exam" to be held on 2-09 February 2022 will be made with the petition (Annex-2 FRM-0106 Single Course Exam Application Form) to be filled out between 4-8 February 2022. To the application for "Undergraduate One Course Exam"; students who are required to take the exam and who are on the "List of Students to Take the One Course Exam" to be announced on the unit web pages will do so. If the students who are not on the lists apply, their applications will be examined and those who do not have the requirement to take the Single Course Exam will not be accepted.