2022 Fall Semester "Our Graduates Tell, Our Students Determine Their Careers" Activities

The Alumni Commission of our Faculty brought our students and graduates together in the Fall Semester. Moderated by Prof. Dr. Azize TOPER KAYGIN, Chairman of the Alumni Communication Commission of our Faculty, graduates from the Departments of Forestry, Industrial Engineering, and Forest Engineering of our Faculty took part as speakers. Our graduates shared their knowledge and experience with our students and answered their questions.
Within the scope of "Our Alumni Tell, Our Students Determine Their Careers" activities, five activities were held in the 2022 Fall Semester. Bartın Forest Operations Manager Mr. Temel NADİR was our guest and gave information about the "Public Working Life of Forest and Forest Industrial Engineers" program. In the program, which attracted a lot of attention, Mr. NADİR answered the questions of the students about their questions. Our second graduate guest was NİF Forest Products-Quality and Raw Materials Manager Mr. Fırat ÖZGÜL. In the program, we held on 15.12.2022, "The Effect of Forest Engineering in the Wood Packaging Sector," was explained. The importance and beneficial role of Forest Engineers working in this sector was mentioned. Our third graduate guest Mr. Ömer Rahmi PEKSU, Owner of HAUSEN Wooden Construction Solutions Company, gave information about "Wooden Structures / Tıny House Houses" in the program we held on 17.12.2022. The increase in demand for these structures, their place in the sector and the potential for job opportunities were mentioned. We held the fourth event on 23.12.2022. Sahra Environmental Health Food Agriculture Forest Products Architecture Project Construction Contracting Tourism Trade San. Ltd. Sti. General Manager Mr. Mahmut ADEM was our guest. He made detailed explanations about "New Methods and Applications in the Fight Against Forest Pests," which is a different business area for Forest Engineering. The fifth and last event of the year was held on 24.12.2022. Hisar Furniture Production Manager Mr. Fatih TEMİZEL was our guest. He gave meaningful advice to be successful by providing information about the "First Job Interview", which is an essential topic for our new graduates and students, and the expectations of managers.
We want to thank all our graduates, lecturers, and students who participated and contributed, especially our graduates who shared their knowledge and experiences as guests in our events.
  • With the project of our faculty, the effects of coastal river zones on mycorrhizae will be investigated for the first time in our country.

  • With the TÜBİTAK 1002-A Rapid Support Project, Environmentally Friendly New Biopolymer Nanocomposites Will Be Produced In Our Faculty.

  • Bartın Faculty of Forestry took its place in the United Nations Mountain Partnership (FAO/Mountain Partnership) channel with the TÜBİTAK-1001 Project.

  • Bartın Faculty of Forestry Board held its last meeting of 2022

  • President of the Chamber of Forestry Engineers Mr. Hasan TÜRKYILMAZ presented a seminar in our Faculty.

  • 2022 Fall Semester "Our Graduates Tell, Our Students Determine Their Careers" Activities

  • Visit to our Faculty from Algeria by Doctoral Students for Overseas Research

  • Five journals within BARÜ were among the most influential publications

  • Bartın Forestry Faculty TÜBİTAK-2209 University Students Continue to Be the Focus of Research Projects.

  • Presentation was made about Article Writing and Publishing Techniques in International Scientific Journals