Presentation was made about Article Writing and Publishing Techniques in International Scientific Journals

On November 08, 2022 at 11:00 a.m., a presentation on "Techniques for Writing and Publishing Articles in International Scientific Journals" was made by Prof. Dr. Runsheng YIN, who works at Michigan State University and is one of the editors-in-chief of Elsevier Forest Policy and Economics journal, at the Ağdacı Campus Conference Hall. In the seminar, which attracted great attention, Prof. Dr. Yin gave information about writing and publishing articles and explained what attracted attention at first glance in the article and the points to be emphasized.


Prof. Dr. Yin also noted that the title and abstract part of the articles are very important for the editors and made evaluations on many subjects, especially literature research, word choice, hypothesis, material and method. The seminar, where analyses were also made on a published article, ended after the questions and answers were taken.

At the end of the presentation, Prof. Dr. Birsen DURKAYA, Dean of our Faculty, said, "The presentation, in which effective publication writing techniques were explained, expanded the vision of graduate students and academic staff in writing international articles. I would like to thank Prof.Dr. Yin who accepted our invitation for the presentation. I would also like to thank the Rector of our University, Prof. Dr. Orhan UZUN, who honored us to listen to the event we have done, and for his support."


At the end of the event, Dean DURKAYA presented a certificate of participation to Prof. Dr. YIN for his valuable presentations.

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  • Presentation was made about Article Writing and Publishing Techniques in International Scientific Journals